Hillary Wants us to Live Underwater

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Rodham told a Louisiana audience Friday that federal resources spent on the Iraq war should be redirected to more pressing domestic problems, like rebuilding New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Why has it become orthodoxy to suggest it is important to rebuild on the Gulf Coast? Must we keep making the same mistakes over and over again? Hurricane Katrina was a terrible disaster, and the government surely should bear part of the burden of relocating those whose homes were destroyed. But how can people who truly believe that global warming is accelerating, and that the acceleration will increase the amount of hurricanes and other bad weather around the world, want to rebuild below sea level?

Shouldn't we be doing just the opposite, and re-zoning coastal land near and below sea-level to prevent building there? If the rise in sea-level is inevitable, as many scientists have concluded, and large storms will increase if global warming does, then how can any politician with any common sense want to waste money rebuilding on at-risk territory? Instead, move the population- build on higher ground!