Saying Goodbye to the "Spindle"

You may all know this piece of pop art from its cameo in the movie "Wayne's World," but I remember it fondly as a highlight of my childhood visits to Cermack Plaza in Berwyn, Illinois (not Aurora). The "Spindle," which consists of eight cars impaled on a 40-foot-tall spike, will soon be dismantled to make way for a Walgreens.

Dustin Shuler, the California-based artist who built the iconic sculpture in 1989, thinks the piece should stay up, and said he’s willing to help make improvements to keep it standing, including helping to relocate the piece. “If it’s moved, then I’ll want to come there and be a part of it,” Shuler said. “If we replace any cars, I would be there to pick them out and make sure it’s done right. I know it’s kind of an odd beauty, but it means a great deal to me.”

If the Plaza's owners and Concordia Realty Management determine that it would be too expensive to relocate the piece, the "Spindle" will be gone by year's end. Jon Fey, chairman of the Berwyn Arts Council board, plans to launch a campaign to save the piece, and supporters are already (supposedly) walking around with "Save the Spindle" t-shirts on. Here's hoping they can do something to preserve this extremely cool piece of public art, which, in my opinion, is one of the most important landmarks in suburban Chicago.