I Gotta Have Faith-a, Faith-a, Faith-ahhh

I just posted the following comment on this pro-theistic article at the Times Online. Read the article first before you evaluate my comment:
But isn't a capricious magician what all major theistic religions believe God is? The "proof" of a religious theory is usually based in some sort of miracle: a resurrection, divine inspiration in scripture, visitations by apparitions, divine interventions affecting nature. In fact, "faith" in something always requires an initial experience that required no faith for the first believer. In other words, God came to Abraham, to Mary, to Mohammed, but he doesn't come to each one of us. Rather we are left to be tested by our "faith." But what is the value in trusting hearsay, when the original founders of the religion were not expected to do so?

I believe that the best argument against theistic religion is not that there is evil in the world. Rather, I ask, if God indeed desires us to worship him and follow his moral code, why does he not just appear to us and let us know? Either he doesn't exist, or he wants us to be blind followers of other erroneous humans.
What do you think? What's the best argument against the existence of God? For it?