Live Band Karaoke

I sang Queen's "Under Pressure" at live band karaoke tonight at Piece, in Wicker Park. A couple observations:

(1) The band plays too loud, and that makes it harder to hear yourself (and other singers) and therefore it is slightly less fun than standard karaoke.

(2) You have no backup singers. The band chimes in here and there, but it's not the same, especially if you have a song that requires multiple parts.

(3) You had better know the song well, because there's no video guidance - you just get a sheet of paper with the lyrics. Of course, mine didn't have lyrics for the last part of "Under Pressure," so I sang gibberish between "why can't we give love, give love . . ." and "this is our last dance." No one seemed to notice (or at least they didn't say so), probably because of the effects of (1).