Hillary's Biggest Mistake

Hillary's biggest weakness, in my opinion, is her argument that she only voted to authorize the use of force against Iraq to get the weapons inspectors back in. I have never understood why Democrats are willing to accept this, considering they have (or had) perfectly good - and consistent - antiwar candidates in Obama and Kucinich.

It's not a good position for Hillary no matter how you look at it. If it’s true, then it demonstrates that she is (1) naive, (2) myopic, and (3) poor at independent analysis and research. In other words, she gave the president too much power without any assurances, she didn’t consider the results of her vote if Bush decided to use the power, and she accepted information without seeking contradictory or critical sources.

If it’s not true, then she (1) doesn’t really represent the position of the Democratic party on Iraq, (2) was too weak to represent a view she felt strongly about because it was counter to public opinion, or (3) is just a liar.

Pick your poison.