Breaking A Tie in Soccer

I am currently watching the (suddenly!) exciting UEFA tournament game between Croatia and Turkey. No goals were scored in 119 relatively boring minutes, and just now, two goals were scored, unfortunately, one for each team, returning the game to a tie with virtually no overtime left. So it's now in penalty kicks.

Before these goals were scored, the commentators were discussing how some people lament that the penalty kick is the method of resolving these games. Then one of them said, oh, it's a shame, but it's the only way. The other guy said, yes, anyone that would advocate getting rid of the penalty kicks doesn't understand the physical strain required to play the game.

There is one really obvious solution here: Why not reduce the number of men on the field every five minutes or so after a standard overtime is complete? Right now they allow two overtime periods. All they would have to do is cut the number on the team by two every five minutes until it's a three-on-three match. With so few men on the field, more space opens up, and less defense is possible (like in 9-ball), making a goal likely. Why hasn't anyone thought of this?