Moral Hazards: Running with the Bulls

Nine people were injured during the first day of Pamplona, Spain's annual "Running of the Bulls."

I wonder if their injuries were treated under the benefits associated with the country's socialized health care system. Events like this underscore the stupidity that ensues when people have unconditional safety cushions. Choosing to run with wild, dangerous animals with the knowledge that your injuries will be treated without financial risk to you is the very definition of moral hazard.

If the U.S. ever has socialized health care, I hope (in futility) that there will be exceptions for injuries or diseases acquired while performing unnecessary, risky activities, like this. Sorry, x-treme athletes -- you need to go out and buy private insurance, because responsible taxpayers will not think it fair to foot your bills for your broken bones. Let's also not forget people who choose to habitually imbibe or inhale unhealthy substances, and of course, the willfully and unapologetically obese. These people should not benefit in light of their recklessness.

P.S. I am not being a killjoy. Running with bulls is really unnecessary. These people have much safer alternatives to get their retarded thrills, like rollercoasters and watching soccer.