Bide Thy Time

Apparently, from what I've heard, a lot of Democrats are starting to freak out, thinking that this election is already within the grasp of John McCain. I have one piece of advice for all of you out there, who think that this thing is lost:

Shut up, and bide your time.

The problem is, you're pushing uneducated people into the arms of Palin. Every time a journalist snickers, or a blogger, engorged with smugness, makes some comment about how stupid Palin is, you lose another voter. A voter who would have been with you, except is so turned off by your venom and condescension, that she is forced into the other camp. That voter thinks, "gee, she's the governor of Alaska, and they think she's an idiot -- I'm just a regular person working at a dead-end job, trying to make ends meet. They must think I'm a real piece of shit!"

So you have to make a decision. Which do you derive more pleasure from: Winning the White House, or making fun of hicks? Think carefully.

Because if you choose the former, all you have to do is shut up, and wait for Palin to make her own mistakes, and she will. I've heard that Obama is pursuing an attack dog strategy now, at the insistence of Dems that fear the Republicans are making headway. That is absolutely the wrong strategy. What you do is let them get comfortable, and they'll start making mistakes on their own. You don't want to turn them into victims of the media, or political correctness, or of elitism. You want to let them expose themselves.

Good luck.