My Year as a Twit: Case Closed

I decided to shelve the blog last year in favor of tweeting, which I considered at the time to be a more effective medium for commenting on links (which was the basic function of my blog posts). After a couple months of trying it out, I have decided to abandon it in favor of rejuvenating this blog and posting regularly on Reddit.

The Twitter account exists no longer, but I did make some worthwhile points during my brief foray, so I submit this "tweet dump" here so I can save it for posterity:

  • Listened to Top 40 music today. Q: does anyone NOT use digital pitch modulation? Has this replaced real singing?
  • January Jones is on SNL and seems terrified! It looks like a potential choke job. Very entertaining.
  • Peter Bagge cartoon on the conflicts caused by reading Ayn Rand
  • Terrell Owens is all growns up
  • Do gradeschools really have those kids-dressed-up-as-historical-figures stage plays, as depicted in movies? I never had'em in school.
  • Zombieland is fun, if not a HBWoSG. The Informant! sports a goofball Hamlisch score that makes the 90s feel like th 70s.
  • That chick from Thirst (Bakjwi) was bat-shit crazy! Movie was OK, but half-hour too long. Not Chan-wook Park's best.
  • Funny People: We get it, Apatow, you love your hot wife and talented kids. Jeesh.
  • A logical look at the Patrick Ewing Paradox
  • Maira Kalman on Ben Franklin on the American spirit of invention:
  • geographic depiction of the seven deadly sins in America not scientifically worthwhile, but entertaining nonetheless
  • WikiTrust coming this fall - feature will color-code unreliable info
  • 8-Story Antigravity Forest I love plant-decorated edifices from ivy covered brick to grass roofed huts.
  • Rapture pet-care insurance! Gotta love it.
  • Inglourious Basterds is a masterpiece!
  • Michael Haneke (Funny Games) is totally ripping off Edgar Wright! (Hot Fuzz)
  • OMG! Finnegans Wake THE MOVIE!
  • Must See: A Perfect Getaway, if only for Zahn and Olyphant's dueling crazy eyes.
  • The Beer Summit, as told by Shakespeare:
  • Was Michael Jackson really a reincarnated Egyptian; or better, was he living in two times concurrently a la VALIS?

  • Barney Frank, habitual bubble-inflater, wants to grant the govt perpetual bailout authority. Great idea [sarcasm]
  • How the distribution of stimulus funds is an implicit admission by govt that it can'r create jobs
  • Senate ready to extend first-time homebuyer credit. Thumbs down for more subsidy-driven bubble-building
  • Please nanny state, don't ban pseudophedrine.
  • Dept of unintended consequences - Credit card "helpful" legislation leads to punishing prudent spenders
  • Wisdom on how the redundancy effect of the 17th Amendment has contributed to bad government
  • CFC is just a subsidy to a special sub-class of the middle class and the auto industry Corporate welfare at its worst
  • "Joker" Obama: maybe intended to evoke the image of the Joker burning that gigantic pile of money in Dark Knight?
  • Villification and mockery of fringe by the left may derail its own agenda. You have to choose: policy or smugness.
  • The more things change . . .
  • one clerk might mean J.P. Stevens is going to retire
  • Federal pay vs private sector just a reflection of life in a nepotistic and clientelist state
  • Gee, I sure wish I could get $75k to be the Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady. Is that on USAjobs?
  • Arnold Kling makes a compelling case that 'real freedom' is the absence of monopoly:
  • John McWhorter on the decrease in violence that would result from the end of the drug prohibition
  • Some cops come out against the drug prohibition their answer? The laboratory of democracy: Federalism
  • Q: why stay in Afghanistan till 2017? Just to police poppies? Democracy has failed, led to islamist policy. Let's go.
  • Bizarro Obama I guess people must think war isn't the problem as long as someone they like is calling the shots
  • Al-Qaeda, meet the Large Hadron Collider.

  • Why will they spend trillions to stop AGW, but no one cares about asteroid deflection?
  • Tales of Inconsistency: Govt subsidizes activities that cause higher CO2 emissions
  • On the Politics of Science: Or How To Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Fantastic Predictions
  • Unconventional yet compelling data on the effectiveness of flu shots
  • CarbFix, another good idea on carbon capture a lot of volcanic rock in Hawaii and Alaska, no? Where're the subsidies?
  • Hansen is an alarmist, but at least he understands policy incentives and effects
  • what does a molecule look like up close?
  • Perspective:Comparing cost and concern between AGW and an earth-killing asteroid
  • Apparently flash cookies can reinstate cookies you deleted! Go to the adobe website to control how you're tracked:
  • Finally, some creativity on climate change:
  • High-tech swimsuits getting banned, Michael Phelps will finally be exposed as overrated

  • Will the mandate to purchase insurance be deemed unconstitutional, if it passes? It's possible.
  • Unintended consequences: Obamacare will price middle-income urbanites out of the insurance market
  • How doctors and Medicare set prices according to the labor theory of value!
  • alternative health care reform ideas do exist too bad none of them benefits any privileged special interests
  • Whole Foods on health care reform: labor mobility, labor mobility, labor mobility!
  • Looking for balance: EITHER huge deficits OR incentivizing activities to shorten the avg age of mortality?
  • Robert Reich and I agree that the Obama-Pharma deal is unhealthy anti-democratic corporatism:

  • Warren Buffett, intervention profiteer
  • Using game theory to sell a dollar for more than a dollar The all pay auction! Genius!
  • - On the anomaly of pricing for movies. Why does all entertainment priced the same, regardless of how much it costs?
  • Interesting: using game theory to fight crime Nice, but it might be simplier to just end the drug prohibition.
  • Buy a house, get a visa. Why have no politicians bitten on this idea?
  • In a competitive market, high profits should only exist temporarily and linked to innovation or efficiency:
  • College is the next bubble: Solution: only allow financing for specialties in shortage.

  • 2009 Gender Equality Rankings: South Africa #6, with a rapist polygamist president, USA #31, female Secretary of State
  • DID YOU KNOW that there are thousands of incomplete buildings all around Cairo, in part b/c of cultural rejection of mortgage finance?
  • Panfilo got convicted of "pre-criminal social endangerment" Ain't Cuba great?
  • UK apologizes to Turing: too little, too late
  • Doesn't it occur to anyone that Blago staged that robbery to fabricate an aura of political persecution?
  • How can the int'l community take Qaddafi seriously? He wants to dismember Switzerland
  • obscured fact? avg U.S. life span would rank #1 among nations if auto and homicide fatalities were factored out
  • Nanny state or big brother? England pulls a 1984 on 20k shitty families. Get thy kids to bed on time!
  • Good luck with all that, Rupert, but you can't copyright truth and you can't chill communication, so you're SOL: