Assorted Links: Paul Ryan's Health Plan, Climate Scrutiny, and Avatar's Place in History

1. Ezra Klein interview with Rep. Paul Ryan, a Republican who seems to have a positive vision for healthcare rather than just saying "no to Obamacare" (or more correctly, Congress-care).  His plan is focused on realigning incentives and utilizing competition to make medical services better.

2. The UN's IPCC is coming under more scrutiny for its fast-and-loose scientific methods, including using non-peer-reviewed sources like magazine articles and student papers and misinterpreting data.  Obviously none of this necessarily places doubt on fundamental scientific theories concerning whether the climate is warming or not, but it is strong evidence of the IPCC's lack of objectivity, which certainly makes its pronouncements less persuasive.

3. Avatar will not be the all-time highest grossing movie of all time after adjusting for inflation.