Commercials Should Adapt to the DVR Revolution

I finally succumbed to the tidal pull of modern technology and got a DVR. The big benefit, of course, is being able to save programs for later viewing, but the other big benefit (and the less expected one, for me) is being able to zoom by commercials. I really didn't think the ability to do so would enhance my viewing pleasure so much, but it really has changed my whole TV experience.

The thing I wonder about is: Why haven't commercials adapted to this technology? For example, why not create a slow-motion action, no audio, text-oriented commercial designed just for TiVo or DVR users? It would succeed on a couple different levels: it would draw attention despite the fast forward -- in fact, audiences might stop the fast forward to find out what was happening.  Also, there would be a novelty factor that audiences would probably commend ("well played, McDonalds!").  What do you think, ad wizards?