I'm Already Sick of the iPhone

I'm sure the iPhone is amazing and incredible and surely the best possible tech gadget in existence. But, come on. Seriously. It's a little mini-computer. That's it. We've had Blackberries for a pretty long time and I don't remember anyone being that impressed by them. It's not like the i-Phone is an innovation of any kind-- it's a conglomeration of already existing innovations. It's just a little handheld computer. Shouldn't we have had this stuff already? I mean, we produced the tech possible to go to the moon almost 40 years ago, and now we're supposed to be impressed by a cell phone that has internet access? Wake me up when we have flying cars.

By the way, has anyone seen the media play this thing's getting? If the media were half as interested in the 2008 presidential race, the candidates could stop raising money for good. Steve Jobs should be sending thank you notes to every single news outlet in the country for all that free advertising.