Burning Questions (and Predictions) for 2008

On the eve of 2008, I'm asking (and answering) ten burning questions that loom large over the next year:

10. Will the new stem cell developments stand up against further scrutiny (and everyone's desire that they fail)?

9. Will the Supreme Court rule in favor of individual 2nd Amendment Rights in the case of D.C. vs. Heller?

8. Will Belgium break up?

7. Will the TV writers end the strike in time to salvage the 2008 TV season?

6. Will the long-heralded Google Phone ever come into existence and compete with Apple's iPhone?

5. Will we discover that Iran is indeed trying to produce nuclear weapons, despite what the NIE said?

4. Will Global Warming panic decelerate in the coming year in the face of scientific and pragmatic challenges?

3. Will the Democrats take the White House, despite their failure to stop the occupation of Iraq with their majority in Congress?

2. Will the U.S. (and possibly world) plunge into a recession because of the bursting of the housing bubble and the credit crunch?

1. When we look back on 2007, will the "Surge" be deemed to have been successful?

Predictions: 1(Y), 2(N), 3(Y), 4(N), 5(Y), 6(Y), 7(N), 8(Y), 9(N), 10(Y)

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