OK, So the Patriots Had a Perfect Season, But . . .

Tom Brady is NOT the best quarterback of all time, record or not. Yes, he has a bunch of championships, and yes, he is clutch when it comes to winning big games. But do you see how much time he has to throw? The dude sits in the pocket for 10 seconds or more on every play, he rarely gets sacked, and if Moss hasn't beaten the cornerback, he hits Welker over the middle, Watson on the sideline, or Faulk in the flat. I know it's not, but it looks like the same frickin' play every time.

The truth is that the Patriots have the best offensive line of all time. I would be willing to bet that even Rex Grossman would be pretty good with Brady's line, Welker and Moss.

P.S. Wake me up when this sickening season is over. If the Patriots win again, I think I'm just going to stop watching the NFL altogether. What a waste.