The Democrats' Debate: Locked and Loaded

Is anyone else surprised that all three major Democratic contenders (Obama, Clinton, and Edwards) came out in full support of the Second Amendment right of individuals to own and bear arms? I had thought this was an open and shut issue with the Democrats at this point. It will be interesting to see what they will say about the Supreme Court's upcoming Heller decision, which may decide the issue of whether said Amendment ensures an individual right to bear arms (as opposed to a militia's right). I believe they will have a hard time attacking the decision (if it comes out pro-individual right) given what they said last night.

Other items of note:

- Is it me, or did Obama seem a little off his game? He was stuttering and having a hard time answering relatively simple questions, as though he were reaching to find generic answers where there were none to be found. I think he's losing ground. Someone call Oprah.

- Chris Matthews was raving about Hillary's performance, but I thought she came off as too aggressive. How many times can she get away with refusing to answer questions. The beginning of every answer is "I won't . . ." She even refused to characterize her own comments, basically saying, "I said what I said and make of it what you will." Are you kidding!! If you have the responsibility to characterize anything, it's your own quote!!!

- I almost choked on my own vomit when Obama said that the fix for high drop-out rates among young black males was to throw "billions" of dollars into pre-kindergarten programs. Same old, same old. Where's the beef?

- John Edwards impressed me with his answer on what he told General Musharraf after Bhutto was assasinated. My favorite part was his suggestion that Pakistan now has to play ball on democratization more than ever because of the appearance of impropriety, i.e., "If you didn't assassinate her, then prove it by not obstructing democratic elections." Very good, realist answer.