Channeling Salem

The AP is reporting that a woman in Saudi Arabia, Fawza Falih, has been sentenced to death for "witchcraft." The illiterate woman apparently signed a confession that she "bewitched" some people. I guess it's a pretty easy case to prove in court since it relies completely on testimonial evidence (the "bewitched" complainants), and as a result there's no way to disprove it.

The question is not whether this woman will be pardoned by the King (she will), but whether the political class of Saudi Arabia will start to get fed up with international criticism affecting the senetences of their convicted criminals. The king got away with pardoning the "40 lashes for getting gang-raped" woman due to the worldwide consensus against the punsishment, but how many times can he do it without experiencing some sort of pressure to stand firm? My guess is that the press will continue to report every overly harsh sentence given to women in Saudi Arabia, so this might reach a boiling point eventually.