Danish Resilience

The AP is reporting that more than a dozen papers in Denmark reprinted the infamous drawing of Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban in response to Tuesday's arrest in of three people accused of plotting to kill the cartoon's author, Kurt Westergaard.

Congrats to the papers for showing some grit and standing up for the freedom of press. And to quote Jerry Seinfeld, "good luck with all that." Seriously, though, it will be tough sledding in Denmark as a result of this move, and all of these editors should be commended for putting themselves at considerable risk to defend their right to communicate important political and cultural statements.

P.S. - If Islamic law opposes any depiction of the prophet because it could lead to idolatry, how is such a concern relevant to parody? If the depiction is in a negative light, doesn't that allay concerns over whether the image will be worshipped? Are there any experts on Islam out there who want to address this issue?