Live-Blogging the Superbowl

6:01 CT - Did anyone else enjoy just seeing the Terminator kick the crap out of Cleatus, the annoying Fox NFL Robot?

Commercials are pretty lame so far. Nice sustained drive by Manning. Too bad the Patriots score so easily. If it's "Giants score 3, Patriots score 7" for the rest of the game, this one could be rough. Oh, wait, Toomer just caught a long desperation bomb from Manning... OK, let me get back to the game now.

7:34 CT - I left during the halftime show, and came back to see the score was unchanged. What's with the ethnic tilt to the "Sales Genie" commercials? First an Indian dude, then a couple Chinese pandas. I bet they are trying to be controversial so they get the free news coverage for a couple days.

Belichick just challenged that there were 12 men on the field. How can you challenge the non-calling of a penalty? Can we start challenging missed holding or pass interference calls now? This will be the "tuck" rule of Superbowl XLII.

7:40 CT - Is Kevin Faulk going to be the MVP of this game?

9 something CT: Holy Shit!! Eli dodges a sack, throws a long bomb to Tyree. TD to Plexiglass, Brady gets pummeled, and Moss is double covered, GAME OVER. GIANTS WIN!!!!!!!!