Lost Links

- DarkUFO has posted thirteen "mobisodes" entitled "Missing Pieces," including scenes that were not shown as part of the series (apparently ABC aired them, but I wasn't aware of it). You have to watch No. 3, "King of the Castle" (Jack plays chess with Ben), No. 4, "The Deal" (Juliette and Michael converse), No. 5, "Operation Sleeper" (Juliette reveals to Jack that she's a mole), No. 6, "Room 23" (Walt in the Hydra station?), and No. 13, "So it Begins" (Jack's dad talks to Vincent the dog). WARNING: Avoid the rest of DarkUFO's spoiler section, because it really does give away a lot about the next couple episodes.

- J. Wood posted a new blog for the first episode. If you're not familiar with his work, Wood has been dissecting the philosophical and literary references from each episode for the last couple years. His analysis is always interesting and often informative. This week, Wood talks about our friend Marvin Candle, of the Dharma Orientation video, and the Casmir Effect.

- Jeff Jensen at Entertainment magazine posts a weekly column reflecting on each episode. This week he recaps the status of the big questions after week one, including whether Christian Shepherd is Jacob or not.

- As always, DarkUFO posts requested screencaps, videos, and mp3s (the whispers!) at Lost Screencaps and Easter Eggs. So if you really want to examine that still of the "eye" in Jacob's cabin, this is the place to go.

- Last but not least, visit my blog to read my semi-trashing of episode one, followed by lots of Lost worship to make up for it.