Contemporaneous Nostalgia

What is the deal with VH1's "I Love the New Millennium"? This is the latest in the deluge of these painful clip-based programs ("I Love the 80's", "Best Week Ever") in which semi-celebrities you've never heard of repeat catch phrases and sing one-hit wonders without adding anything interesting (Does anyone really care what Michael Ian Black thinks about The Disorderlies?).

First of all, isn't it essentially the same as "Best Week Ever," only vaguer with respect to time period? Second of all, do we need to reminisce about last year? The episode I saw discussed Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" and the Transformers movie, as if we have had time to digest their cultural significance yet.

This is the equivalent of pop culture deja vu -- I call it Contemporaneous Nostalgia. Soon we'll have "Remember the 2010's," in which we have to make stuff up to be nostalgic about.