LeBron James and the Unyielding Deluge of Pressure ( #lebron #NBA #miamiheat )

The Heat now have three of the top five players from the 2003 Draft. This is bigger than Kobe with Shaq, Malone, and Payton or Garnett, Allen, and Pierce. They simply cannot lose without becoming a huge embarrassment. And mark my words: If LeBroshwade doesn't win a championship next year, LeBron will forever become a punchline. And even if they do win, he'll be remembered as a player who needed two superstars as crutches. He's lost a mantle of greatness by taking this low-hanging fruit instead of blazing his own trail.

And let's also not forget the slippery slope:  Do we want the NBA to permanently become a league of haves and have nots, with three or four superstar magnets like the Harlem Globetrotters, each beneficiaries of collusive lopsided trades (Gasol for Kwame? Come on!) or big-time players taking smaller contracts so they can win? I think not.

The best thing for basketball would be for the Heat to lose, sad to say.  Otherwise it might just be Lakers-Heat for the foreseeable future. Why bother even having a draft?