Let's Keep Arming the Wrong People, OK? (#military #warhol #climate)

Assorted links for your perusal:
  • We're sending $60 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia, supposedly to counterbalance Iran's strength in the region. Do they really think this is going to end well for us? It's like giving the Crips more guns because we're more afraid of the Bloods.  
  • The U.K. scraps a $48 billion tidal energy project that would have supplied clean electricity to 5% of the population of  the country (that would be about $16,000 per person, which seems reasonable, perhaps).  This is a good example of how infighting among different kinds of environmentalists can shut down worthwhile projects -- it would have required a dam, which irked many conservationists who are more concerned about wildlife and nature than about climate change.
  • Coca Cola is the ultimate equalizer, according to the quotable Andy Warhol.